Silicus helps Gaming and Social Entertainment Company design, architect and prototype it’s gaming console

Success Story.

Silicus helps Gaming and Social Entertainment Company design, architect and prototype it’s gaming console

About the Client

The client has a hardware technology that offers an artistic, elegant and intuitive platform for gaming and entertainment.  The client’s objective was to create a brand with unique peripherals utilizing RF motion control technology within a high definition gaming and social entertainment environment.

Business Challenge

The client was looking to develop an array of enhancements and features for a unique gaming console. The console included features for offering gaming, video, audio, RF controllers x8, wireless web cam, download streaming movies, TV over web, online community, and web browsing all on the customer’s TV. The goal was to develop an open source, open world environment, which would provide an incentive for developers that is nonexistent today.  Additionally, the client was also looking to develop and create an app store, much like what Apple Computers offers today.

The client was looking for a highly competent partner to define the software and hardware product roadmap and design a reliable, robust and scalable architecture for the gaming console. Initially, the client wanted to create a prototype that could be show cased to potential investors.

The client chose Silicus as a development partner for this highly challenging and exciting new venture based on our impressive track record of working with leading systems software companies.

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Silicus Solution

There were various unknowns at the start of the project that needed to be researched and clarified. At a high level, Silicus engineers adopted the approach outlined below for coming up with architecture and design for the gaming console:

Identifying various main components and sub-components within the entire gaming console

  • Proof of Concept development for each component
  • High level Architecture and platform design
  • Project planning and estimation
  • Documentation

At the end of the study, the following modules and module functionalities were identified:

Application Framework: supports the various software and hardware integrations such as RF controllers, web cams, BluRay etc

Core Layer: the Audio, Video and the programmable API’s

GUI Layer: container for games, browsing, TV etc

Graphic Library: 3D and OpenGL

Media Player and Skin

Hardware: all the hardware that goes into assembling a gaming console

Software Functionality: gaming, the app store, online communities, etc.


Silicus delivered a comprehensive set of documentation and POC's that outlined the architectural and design challenges to developing the console, and the way forward for each challenge. The team highlighted the technology standards that needed to be employed and the hardware specifications for the console.

Technologies Used





Graphic Libraries

3D, OpenGL

Hardware Integrations

BlueRay / DVD, RF Controllers, LCD Displays, Webcams

Technology Standards

USB, WiFi, Firewire

Client Benefits

Product Architecture

Silicus designed a robust and scalable architecture for the gaming platform along with precise details on the development approach.

Integrating Disparate Technologies

Silicus identified all dependencies and challenges related to integration of various hardware and software technologies: BluRay, RF Controllers, Webcams, USB, WiFi, 3D, Open GL

Silicus developed a robust framework and solution for integrating all the above mentioned technologies into one innovative and feature packed gaming console.

Comprehensive Documentation

The documentation provided by Silicus was the basis on which the client would approach venture capitalists and investors for funding for the actual gaming console development.

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