About the Client

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the client is known for breeding techniques combined with a broad, diverse germplasm collection to efficiently develop and economically produce superior hybrid rice seeds. Their hybrids are proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing fertilizer and pesticide needs and increasing per capita yields.

Business Challenge

The client’s core business was about revolutionizing rice production through cutting-edge research. The research was supported by a modest IT infrastructure to store, process, analyse and visualize the data and results from the research. The Datacenter also supported the client’s ERP and collaborations assets – L7 & SharePoint respectively. The client wasn’t interested in maintaining an IT team or an on-premise Datacenter to support their business, since it wasn’t considered as core.

After a round of evaluations, the client decided to move to the Microsoft Azure platform and sought a competent partner to help make the transition, and support the infrastructure from there on. As a MS Gold certified partner for Cloud productivity and one of the leading Azure Datacenter migration specialists in Houston, Silicus was selected to help the customer through the transition.

Silicus Solution

Silicus has developed the industry’s most comprehensive management tools to implement, monitor, migrate, synchronize, and secure IT infrastructure.

Silicus worked with the client through the planning, architectural design, setup & configuration, and application deployment phases on the Azure Platform. Silicus Azure experts were engaged in:

  • Datacentre migration to Azure
  • 24*7*365 post migration technical support and Azure managed services

Silicus followed a tried and tested approach for the Azure Migration:

1] "As-Is" Analysis, Requirement Analysis and Project Scope Definition

  • Analyse existing On-Premise Infrastructure & Network
  • Analyse Architecture for Databases & Applications to be migrated / deployed on Azure
  • Review 'Application vs Network-Infrastructure' Profile
  • Review requirements and prerequisites for the Azure Environment Set-up
  • Identify any required 3rd Party and Azure Marketplace Solutions and Deployment Plan

2] Azure Deployment Planning

  • Migration Feasibility & Risk Analysis
  • Map Dependencies & Define Move Groups
  • Define Azure Architectural Design
  • Develop Azure Deployment Architecture Layout
  • Define Azure Deployment Plan

3] Azure Deployment Configuration & Workload / Application Migration

  • Configure Site-to-Site VPN & Azure Express Route to establish connectivity between Datacenter and Azure Cloud
  • Setup and configure Azure Virtual Network (VNET) & Subnets
  • Setup and configure Domain Controller (DC) and Domain Name Server (DNS)
  • Implement Active Directory (AD) Identity Synchronization (Hybrid Identity) between Client's On-Premise AD & Azure AD using Azure AD Connect
  • Setup and configure Azure Network Security
  • Migrate datacentre workload to Microsoft Azure using Azure Site Recovery
  • Deploy and configure F5 Load balancer to load balance and redirect Layer 7 ERP and SharePoint traffic
  • Develop and deploy any applicable PowerShell Scripts

3] Post Deployment Testing

  • Support Client Operational Acceptance Testing (OAT)
  • Fix issues and troubleshooting incidents associated with the deployment project scope items

3] Environment Handover & Commencement of Operations

  • Deliver Knowledge Transition (KT) Session
  • Project Completion Report
  • Azure Architectural Design & Deployment Configuration Document
  • Managed Services Plan

Technologies Used

  • Microsoft Azure IaaS
  • PowerShell Scripts
  • Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP)
  • Azure Site Recovery
  • F5 Load Balancer

Client Benefits

Low Maintenance, Enterprise Grade IT Infrastructure

Azure IaaS presented the client with an enterprise-class datacentre without the hassle of ensuring high availability and reliability, automatic failover and data back-ups. The client could focus on innovating around its core business interests.

Cost Competitive

Azure’s pay-as-you-go model has helped the client reduce upfront costs involved during hardware refresh cycles. Through smart use and provisioning of IT infrastructure on Azure IaaS, the client also realized savings in operations compared to the fixed cost of IT infrastructure investments.

Hybrid Capability

Azure provides the ability to create hybrid environments, allowing organizations to continue to leverage their on-premise resources and the benefits of the cloud without costly workarounds.

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