Dashboard Development & Integration with SharePoint 2010 Intranet

Success Story.

Dashboard Development & Integration with SharePoint 2010 Intranet

About the Client

  • Japanese based world-class manufacturer of test automation products and systems
  • Pioneer in distributed control systems for supervising processes
  • Operates in a wide variety of industries ranging from oil/natural gas to food processing

Business Challenge

The client lacked a single platform for managing and setting performance goals throughout the organization. Each team member, project team, business unit, etc. had their own separate documentation and methods for setting and measuring such metrics, lacking a roll-up feature for comprehensive visibility. This resulted in wasting time and effort calculating performance metrics across multiple departments and documentation types such as Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF.

The client engaged Silicus to implement KPI Dashboard functionality within their existing SharePoint 2010 intranet for a unified platform to measure performance levels within an infrastructure they were already comfortable with. They desired an improved method to measure company performance to make more informed future business decisions.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus’ development team successfully implemented PerformancePoint KPI dashboards using a hybrid development methodology made up of the Waterfall and Incremental Development Models. Below describes the following highlights of the solution.

Multiple Dashboard Levels

The solution incorporates several levels of dashboards viewable by different staff member hierarchies with only information showed appropriate to their needs. Dashboards were created for all organizational units, from a single individual, to an entire department, for maximum accuracy in performance measurement.

Roll-Up Functionality

Due to the solution measuring operational levels throughout all levels and facets of the organization, a roll-up feature was implemented for simpler summary of data. This allows users to easily add up performance levels of each individual within a team, each team within a business unit and unit within a division, thus saving time from manually calculating each metric together.

Comprehensive Testing and Training

Silicus provided one week of User Acceptance Testing to ensure the solution was to the client’s full satisfaction in addition to twelve hours of WebEx-based administrator training for a smooth transition and adoption for users to their new intranet addition.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4


Database SQL Server 2012

SQL Server


Dashboard Designer


IIS 7.0

Development Environment
Development Environment

Visual Studio 2012



Client Benefits

Comprehensive Performance and Goal Measurements

The solution now provides the client with a single, unified platform to measure, view and manage performance levels of each employee in detail, and the contribution they make towards their overall department and entire enterprise as a whole. The client can more quickly and easily pinpoint and address any underperforming organizational units as soon as possible.

Real-Time Performance Updates

These new KPI Dashboards allow for continuously fetched and up-to-date performance levels in contrast to manually entering and processing such data as it becomes available. This also reduces the chance of user input error, allowing for more accurate performance measurements and the ability to make more sound business decisions for the organization.

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