About the Client

Founded in 1989, the Client is a leading innovator of cold chain management and temperature monitoring solutions. Their product line includes a wide range of temperature and humidity data loggers and wireless systems.

The Client serves industries like food & food safety, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and adhesives.

Businesses handling temperature-sensitive commodities, inclusive of processing, manufacturing, storage, shipping and handling, can benefit from implementing the clients proprietary cloud-based software solutions.

Business Challenge

As part of its solution, the customer provided an Android based application for end users to monitor various parameters related to cold chain operations.

The current UI wasn’t user friendly. The client needed a responsive, simple and well-designed UI that facilitated interactions with wireless temperature sensors via Bluetooth or GPS. This would display real-time data on the Tablet, providing prompt alerts, reports for trend analysis, historical data files and documentation of corrective actions.

The client needed a creative solution to stay ahead of the competition.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus leverage its UX designers and developers to design a UI that was responsive, elegant and easy to use. Report creations were facilitated through Android Achart integration. The UI had the following views:

  • All Inclusive View
    This view displays sensor alarm status, distinguished by font color corresponding to the alarm type - Yellow for “warning” and red for “critical”. New sensors added to the system are displayed with a gray background.
  • Location Panel View
    This view makes it easy to sort sensors by the location such as freezers, coolers warehouses etc.
  • Alarms View
    Shows summary data from all the sensors placed in different facilities in an alarm state.
  • Sensor Configuration View
    Lists facility locations, alarm delay, alarm enable/ disable, alarm settings, battery level etc.
  • Sensor Report
    Displays alarm type - High (HI), Extremely High (XHI), Low (LO), Extremely Low (XLO), the date and time of the last reported reading from the sensor and the last temperature reading from the sensor.

Charts were designed using “Android Achart Engine”, which plots data from sensor data structure existing in SQLite, and displays it on the Tablet.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4


Language ASP.NET MVC4

Android OS 4.1.2 – 4.2.2

Database SQL Server 2012

SQLite 3.7.11

3rd Party Integrations QuickBooks Online (For Invoice & Payments)
3rd Party Interfaces

Android Achart Engine 1.1.0 (For Charts and Reports)

Client Benefits

Prompt Alerts

The alert monitoring system activates immediately if the temperature goes out of critical limits allowing stakeholders to take proactive measures to reduce losses.

Modern, Elegant & Responsive UI

The use of “Android Achart Engine” helped to display intricate and accurate multiple data series, trends, and rapidly changing temperatures in real-time through fast and responsive charts and reports.

Wireless Communication

The Application makes temperature monitoring easy and the customer just needs an Android Tablet to check stored temperature readings wirelessly via Bluetooth and GPS settings. No dedicated equipment, docking stations, or complex computer installations are required.

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