Customer Portal Re-design for Drug Testing Services Company

Success Story.

Customer Portal Re-design for Drug Testing Services Company

About the Client

Established in 1989, the client provides services such as Personal Drug Testing, DOT Compliance Testing, Background Checks, DNA Testing, Employee Screening, and Drug & Alcohol Testing. With a nationwide network of qualified collection sites, the client assists customers both for on-site and on-call testing as they have professional certified collectors 24/7 for scheduled or emergency testing.

Business Challenge

The client’s existing site which was developed in WordPress, the site experienced challenges such as:

  • Too many plug-in integrations made the site very slow
  • No Powerful Access Control (ACL)
  • No Multi-lingual feature
  • No Customizable themes

Another missing functionality was the ability for end users to find the nearby collection centres / labs by pulling in data from the back-end.

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Silicus Solution

The client engaged Silicus for a better solution, Silicus CMS experts analyzed the site, and recommended a migration to Joomla.

The previous site had only one role i.e. Admin, the new site had multiple user roles like Super Admin, Editor, Moderator, etc. thus defining a simplified workflow by distributing the work structure.

All 3rd Party integrations were replaced with Joomla’s built in Extensions that improved the site performance.

The earlier site wasn’t multi-lingual, it was now implemented using Joomla’s built-in multi-lingual feature.

For different web pages, Joomla’s customized theme options were leveraged, making the Interface more appealing to the end user. Silicus further customized the UI using a 3rd party tool - Health Guide (Shape5) for better flexibility and responsive UI. A responsive web design was followed using Joomla’s advanced features which helped users, across a broad range of devices and browsers to read and navigate web pages with a minimum of re-sizing, panning, and scrolling and also making it available on desktop, tablets, mobile phone etc.

A 3rd party plug-in, Mk Store Locator, was integrated with the new Joomla site, and provides a google map in which client can choose between “filter by” or “Geolocate Me” to find the nearby collection center/ labs for giving samples.

The use of Breezing Forms extension helped the Admin to create multiple dynamic forms without the involvement of developers.

The migration of the database from WordPress site to Joomla was done using SQLyog.

JIRA was used for project and issue tracking such as Backlog prioritization and sprint planning, disaster recovery, customizable workflows, developer tool integrations etc. The application was hosted on a Linux Server. Jenkins was used for deployment and continuous integration.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4

PHP 5.6


NetBeans 8.0.2


Joomla 3.5


MYSQL 5.5.5

Issue/Project Tracking
Issue/Project Tracking


Continuous Integration/Build
Continuous Integration/Build


Migration tool
Migration tool


3rd Party Integrations QuickBooks Online (For Invoice & Payments)
3rd Party Integration

Templates-Heath Guide (Shape5), Components -K2, Easy Blog, Mk Store Locator, Breezing Forms

Client Benefits

Easier Site Maintenance

The powerful extensions that Joomla provides have helped the client to highly customize the new website according to their business needs. These extensions provide functionality like social media integration, SEO functions, form creations, menu editors, more user permissions, multiple templates for both frontend and backend, powerful access controls etc.

Faster Performance

Migration to Joomla, and using Joomla’s in-built extensions significantly improved site performance. The caching feature helped in faster loading of the website and swift execution of requests.

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