About the Client

The client is a software development and consulting company that provides technology and process consulting, services and solutions to product development companies. With a focus on delivering enterprise applications that are user-friendly, intuitive and flexible, the client combines technical and functional expertise with creativity and innovation in the areas of PLM, ERP and CRM. They are leaders in open-source, product lifecycle management (PLM) software development and provide end-to-end PLM services using the onsite-offshore development model for Oracle Agile, PTC Windchill, and ARAS.

Business Challenge

The client wanted a PLM workflow management tool integrated into their legacy application to track, manage and automate workflow tasks and display project activities. Because their tasks were performance-critical, they required an efficient and reliable PLM workflow management tool that would provide:

  • A summary of project activities and workflow tasks
  • The capability to provide details for project activities and workflow tasks upon request
  • Filtering of activities and tasks based upon user-selected criteria
  • Sorting and grouping of detail data

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Silicus Solution

Silicus designed a PLM workflow management tool based on state-of-the-art technologies including .NET 4.0, Parallel LINQ, and XML LINQ extension libraries to implement the processing logic. The key features of the tool include:

Cutting-Edge Technology With .NET 4.0, PLINQ, And XML LINQ
  • The solution was implemented using .NET Framework 4.0 to utilize parallel processing capabilities and provide compatibility with the legacy application
  • Use of Parallel LINQ allows the application to run faster
  • Business process logic determines how data is created, stored, and changed in the voluminous data processing application with the help of XML LINQ extension libraries
UI Implementation With TELERIK Controls
  • RadGrid was used to build a richer and more efficient UI. It displays a summary as well as details of workflow/project activities. The RadGrids are dynamic in nature and load per user-configured settings including default column sorting
  • Implementation of RadComboBox for filtering
UI Performance Optimization
  • AJAX-based service implementation to reduce response time and implement use cases, which are sequences of actions performed by a user.
  • A Business Extension Library, which includes wrapper classes on top of existing business layer libraries, and contain APIs to extract data and commit the updated values back to the client’s database
  • Implementation of jQuery to streamline the client-side scripting of HTML

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4





ASP.NET Framework 4.0

Web Technologies
Web technologies


Development Enviornment

Visual Studio 2010

Tools / Libraries
Tools / Libraries

Telerik Controls library, Parallel LINQ

Client Benefits

Improved Throughput

The development of a reliable and efficient tool integrated with the legacy application accelerated and optimized data processing.

Impeccable UI Experience

The revised UI implementation with Telerik Controls provided a superior user experience and boosted the efficiency of the client’s application, resulting in performance improvements.

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