About the Client

The clients sells high end pearl jewelry for women through its E-commerce portal. Products offered include rings, pendants, necklaces, and earrings etc. Founded in 2013 in New York, the client seeks to inspire women to express their individuality through distinct, cultured pearl jewelry worn with pride.

Business Challenge

The client realized that lack of proper channels for customer feedback on products and site user experience was resulting in less effective merchandizing decisions. With an aim to better reach out to customers, the client wanted to develop a mobile application that facilitated:

  • Display specific products that needed customer feedback and opinions for improvement
  • Customer surveys through forms, along with detailed reports
  • Reward customers who took part in the survey through discounts
  • PayPal integrations for purchases through the mobile site
  • Usability across iOS and Android platforms

The client also wanted an order management screen accessible through the web interface. He chose Silicus due to our track record in developing UX rich, cross platform mobile applications.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus’ recommended developing a Hybrid application using the Ionic Framework for frontend and Cordova Engine components for the middleware. Cordova Engine enabled quick prototyping and efficiently handles image rendering across mobile platforms.

The Ionic framework was leveraged to accelerate development across Android and iOS using the same code base. Further, use of Ionic Framework helped make the App highly responsive by structuring the code through easy integration with Angular JS.

A web interface was also developed for the client with Admin login using three tier MVC architecture and Codefirst repository pattern. The application was powered by a SQL Server database deployed on Azure.

Key features of the Application

Customer Survey Mobile Application:

  • Product rating feature with product information such as price, customer reviews, etc.
  • Virtual product trial feature
  • Ability to define the product duration on the site, after which it is automatically removed
  • Options to purchase products at discounts, after completing the surveys
  • Seamless PayPal integration for easy payments

Web Interface:

  • Bulk product information uploading including videos and images
  • Separate order management screen for client and clients’ merchants

The merchant’s order management screen will display list of the products for sale, customer order, customer feedback among others. The client’s order management screen will be able to check merchants’ OMS to have real time business inputs.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4

HTML5, JavaScript, AngularJS


Cordova, Ionic

Language ASP.NET MVC4

iOS, Android


Xcode, Brackets, Android Studio

Database SQL Server 2012

SQL Server

3rd Party Integrations QuickBooks Online (For Invoice & Payments)
3rd Party Interfaces

PayPal Payment Gateway plugin for mobile

Client Benefits

Accelerated Development through Code Re-use

Using Ionic framework, Silicus achieved up to 90% code re-usability, thereby saving time and efforts.

Improved Merchandizing decisions

The Customer survey module brought many insights into the customer buying behavior, allowing the client and registered sellers to make more informed and impactful merchandizing decisions.

Rich End User Experience

The App allowed customers to rate products, provide feedback, and request customizations, significantly improving the user experience compared to the previous versions.

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