About the Client

The client is a leading  provider of engineering and surveying services for municipal, drainage, transportation, traffic and land & site development projects.  

Business Challenge

The client executes large engineering projects that span across multiple years, and multiple teams – including outside contractors and vendors. The geographically dispersed teams need to collaborate on these projects to effectively access and share information to reduce project costs and improve operational efficiency.

The client had an existing SharePoint 2007 contractor portal which was hard to maintain by existing staff. Adding any new projects, subprojects, and enhancing existing projects required work to be performed by outside developers; which was time consuming and costly.

The client’s project requirements were as follows:

  • Replace the existing SharePoint 2007 system with SharePoint 2010
  • Develop templates for projects and subprojects that can be used by the client’s staff to provision new projects
  • Create customized workflows that can be tailored for different projects
  • Stop storing external user credentials in Active Directory

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Silicus Solution


The client chose Silicus to implement the contractor portal for their expertise in Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Silicus began by working with the client to design and implement a secure topology for the contractor portal. Form-based authentication was decided upon to provide user authentication without Active Directory.

Silicus developed site templates that could be reused to create new project and subproject sites. Site templates existed for various custom document libraries, views and application pages. Custom workflow components were written to automate review and approval processes.

Silicus also developed custom components in SharePoint which allowed users to electronically stamp PDF documents, streamlining the review and approval process. To increase staff efficiency, users were able to stamp the PDF documents with signatures without downloading, rewriting and uploading files.

Silicus produced training documents regarding project site management. The team further created new project sites; which can be used by the client’s staff to create and manage projects without involving development resources. Key staff members were thoroughly trained on various features available in SharePoint 2010.

The intuitive and secure SharePoint contractor portal provides contractors with instant access to project sites and collaboration with internal users. The client now has a solution that vastly improves its ability to effectively manage across complex projects.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4


Language ASP.NET MVC4

Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Client Benefits

Better Collaboration through Sharepoint

Using SharePoint 2010, the new contractor portal supports true collaboration and document sharing features. The improved collaboration promises additional operational efficiencies and benefits to the client.

Easier and More Efficient Operations

The contractor portal automates review and approval processes. Electronic PDF stamping allows users to quick stamp PDF files with signatures without downloading, rewriting and uploading the documents.

Robust System Built on the Latest Microsoft Technologies

Using the latest Microsoft technologies, Silicus experts have architected a system that is more robust and is flexible enough to accommodate future enhancements and upgrades.

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