Carbon Credit Management & Trading Portal Development

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Carbon Credit Management & Trading Portal Development

About the Client

Founded in 2013 as a privately held Delaware company, the client has a wide network of university-based carbon aggregation, sales and trading entities. The client provides an innovative and flexible way to help universities calculate & manage overall carbon consumptions. The Client is certified in “Carbon Offset Credits”, this certificate helps the client to contribute essential finance to renewable energy, forest protection and reforestation projects.

Business Challenge

The client used to record carbon consumption manually – an employee would travel to different organizations and record Organization name, invertor no, KW reading, Carbon (in Lbs.), Carbon Cost etc. The data would be entered in MS Access manually.

This process was time consuming, the client wanted to switch to an automated web portal where personnel different organizations can login and feed their carbon consumption details and also perform transactions i.e. buy, sell, donate, or transfer carbon units based on their usage.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus developed the website portal in PHP 5.6 version. PHP Laravel Framework was used, which enabled excellent documentation since the developers could write clean & legible code and also provided a practical application structure.

The web portal featured the following modules:

  • Admin: Add users, organizations, devices, brokered carbon units
  • Donate/Grant: Donate carbon to other organizations without any financial dealings
  • Sell: Sell carbon to other organizations
  • Buy: Buy carbon from other organizations
  • Transfer: Transfer carbon to other organizations
  • Park: Store/ park fixed units of carbon which cannot be sold to other organizations

The application was powered by a MySQL database, eliminating MS Access data management challenges the client used to face earlier. Silicus helped the client host the application on Amazon EC2.

Technologies Used

Web Scripting Language PHP 5.6
Web Scripting Language

PHP 5.6

Web Development Tools HTML 5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap
Web Development Tools

HTML 5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap

Framework Laravel 5

Laravel 5

IDE NetBeans


Web Application Server Apache 2.2
Web Application Server

Apache 2.2

Database Server MySQL 5.5

MySQL 5.5

Hosting Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2

Client Benefits

Improved Productivity

The web portal helped eliminate the manual information gathering approach for carbon consumptions, resulting in reduced errors and faster approach.

Wider Customer Acceptance

The portal made it easy for clients to manage and track their carbon credits in simple steps, which led many other organizations to approach the client to avail of their services.

Reduction of Carbon Emissions

The automated portal attracted more organizations to track and manage their carbon consumption, facilitating carbon offset programs with larger environmental benefits such as:

  • Reforestation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Methane Capture/Combustion

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