About the Client

The client is a solutions and services company focused on business intelligence, risk management and data management for the financial services and banking industry. The client’s Enterprise Risk Management solution monitors and extracts information from existing business systems and delivers powerful capabilities to understand business trends in real-time.

Business Challenge

The client’s web-based performance management solution provides accurate and real-time data across the enterprise so lenders can improve operating ratios, decrease risks and ensure regulatory compliance. Lending organizations need to manage information from multiple operational systems and capture a clear picture of the business.

The risk management suite offers tools for lenders to track and analyze metrics, increase profitability and maintain compliance. By identifying trends, streamlining production and improving sales, the solution helps lenders to closely monitor, control and improve their lending processes and increase efficiencies.

A dynamic business environment and evolving corporate strategy mandated the client to develop complex business intelligence (BI) modules on top of its existing web-based platform. Silicus was engaged for its Microsoft and Business Intelligence capabilities, product development culture, and financial industry experience.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus designed, developed and integrated a complex business analytics module on top of the client's existing solution platform. Silicus’ solution allows users to import data, perform analytics and deliver intelligence using multiple modules and BI cubes. The solution measures sales, credit, operations and portfolio risks and provides predictive analytics that detect positive and negative patterns in real time.

The solution offers a common view of all metrics across the organization, with user-defined goals, trends and alerts. Hundreds of pre-defined metrics and specialized analytic tools help the user implement an Enterprise Risk Management strategy. BI capabilities were integrated into Sales, Credit, Operations and Portfolio risk reporting modules with a dashboard to manage BI goals.

BI cubes were optimized for performance and a feature was added to visualize the data in interactive maps created using Chart FX. Ad-Hoc reporting features were incorporated into the solution to allow users to select multiple metrics and options to customize the Business Intelligence reports. Additional functionality was implemented to export and present data in Microsoft Excel sheets.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4


Database SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2008, 2012


.NET 4.0

Operating System
Operating System

Windows Server 2008

Web Technologies
Web Technologies


Web Server
Web Server

IIS 2007

Packages / Applications
Packages / Applications

jQuery, SPServices

Development Environment
Development Environment

Visual Studio 2010

3rd Party Integrations QuickBooks Online (For Invoice & Payments)
3rd Party Integrations

Chart FX



Project Management
Project Management

Microsoft Project

Client Benefits

Business Intelligence Capability

Silicus’ expertise in integrating Microsoft SQL BI with a .NET application ensured that the client could integrate complex BI functionality in its solution. BI modules were developed and integrated seamlessly in the existing solution, providing competitive advantages for the client’s Enterprise Risk Management solution.

Fast & Affordable Development

Over the years, Silicus has perfected a right-shoring model that enables global talent for proficient and quality software development.

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