About the Client

The Client is a leading trucking BI service provider, with a massive database of trucking information collected over 25 years. This includes details on types of trucks, their drivers, accidents or other history, truck brands, equipment manufacturers, and other related aspects. This data is stored in a data warehouse and is provided to a variety of customers for both strategic planning and tactical execution via search filters as per the need.

The Client has a long-standing contract with US government for subscribing this data from US Federal and State Government files.

Business Challenge

Client had a massive database collected over 25 years and had a BI application with pre-defined search filters to target specific prospects easily. The search filters were predefined and limited, not giving an opportunity to end customers to perform searches based on their organizational needs.

Client wanted a solution in the application through which customers could upload metadata in excel files and map it to prospects in the database as per their convenience. This would allow them to perform search aligned with their business model or hierarchy.

Silicus Solution

Silicus developed a feature on Microsoft ASP.NET platform in the client’s existing application and linked it with client’s data warehouse.

Silicus inserted a predefined excel template in the BI solution which had the option of mapping keywords to specific data in client database. Users simply had to download the template and fill it as it was or modify it as per their business needs and upload it back to the system.

BI solution had an in-built intelligent proprietary database which stored this information.

Once this was done, the system processed the input values and as soon as the user performed a search, it gave out relevant results. Search filters increased here and search got narrowed down to results based on what user wanted its input data to relate/map to.

Technologies Used


C#, JavaScript


Microsoft.NET 4.5

IDE Tools

Visual Studio 2013

3rd Party Tools
3rd Party Tools

Kendo, Bootstrap, JQuery

Client Benefits

Better and faster performance

With the possibility of entering metadata in excel file and having search narrowed down to relevant results, customer time was tremendously saved

User-friendly solution

Customers could map the terms/keywords to a type of data in client’s massive database through given excel templates, as per their understanding and business needs

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