About the Client

The Client is a leading trucking BI service provider, with a massive database of trucking information collected over 25 years. This includes details on types of trucks, their drivers, accidents or other history, truck brands, equipment manufacturers, and other related aspects.

The Client has a long-standing contract with US government for subscribing this data from US Federal and State Government files.

Business Challenge

Client operated multiple applications for its business intelligence solutions, powered by a large database with all the information customers would require. Some of the older applications were outdated from a UI and architecture standpoint, and posed challenges such as poor customer feedback on usability and performance.

The client approached Silicus to help enhance the application.

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Silicus Solution

Database migration:

Client had its database on Microsoft SQL 2012 hosted on Azure. At the client’s behest, Silicus migrated the database from Azure to Amazon Redshift, for faster performance as evaluated by the client’s technical team. Silicus also moved a part of database to even more refined version of Redshift called Aurora.

New features added:
  • Search types
  • Enhanced search options were incorporated. Eg: a word could be searched under three different categories, namely, equipment, company, activity (violations, investigations, etc.), and drivers

  • Prospect level User defined fields
  • Implemented a “custom filter” functionality that allows users to dig deeper into the database. Users can search by keying in the prospect name from their end.

  • CRM integration
  • Created custom API’s that enabled CRM integration

  • Reporting
  • Designed a flexible framework that supported report design and customization, enabling a robust dashboard with direct and quick access to truck data.

  • Enhanced UI/UX
  • Leveraged Kendo UI library and Bootstrap to impart a modern and user-friendly look and feel to application.

Technologies Used


: C#, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JQuery


Microsoft.NET 4.5


Visual Studio 2013

Third Party Tools
3rd Party Tools

Kendo UI

Data Warehouse
Data Warehouse

Amazon Redshift and Aurora

Client Benefits

Better and Faster Performance

Database migration to Redshift and Aurora significantly improved application performance

Improved End User Experience

With customized search options, such as, Prospect level search, and CRM integration possibilities, client achieved a substantial level of customer-satisfaction

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