About the Client

The client is a pioneer in using golf and other sports as a medium to bring people together and socialize through play, food and music. Their games can be played by all ages and skill levels, and the microchipped golf balls score themselves, providing players with instant feedback on each shot's accuracy and distance. They offer golf lessons, leagues, tournaments, corporate and social events, kids programs and more.

Business Challenge

As business kept expanding, the client was constrained with resources and the mind share needed to keep their IT infrastructure up and running. One of the key areas of concern was the Active Directory management support for the AD servers with multiple physical sites.

The client decided to rope in an expert 3rd party service provider for the AD management and monitoring - take care of user requests related to Account management such as email/password reset, mapping shared drive to AD user profile, enabling/disabling user account and login name changes etc.

Silicus Solution

The client approached Silicus as our Managed Services team has competent technical experts to meet their AD management and monitoring requirements. Silicus owns and operates a full-fledged managed service centre with 3 sets of teams working across shifts to offer 24x7 support and monitoring. The service centre is equipped with monitoring tools, IT infrastructure, security, transportation and other employee amenities required to run a healthy and functional 24x7 operational set-up.

Silicus created an SLA driven AD managed services plan and shared it with the client for approval. After few iterations, the plan was finalized and Silicus took control of the client’s AD environment.

A password reset tool from Microsoft was installed on all user machines, and a Cisco VPN client tool was installed with the Managed Services Support desk team for direct password reset & account management from user desktops, without logging into customer’s servers.

PowerShell scripts were written and deployment for collecting health reports related to Active Directory replication, time synchronisation and accidental deletion protection throughout entire forest (collection of domain containers that trust each other). The PowerShell scripts were set up to execute twice a day.

On-demand request were also handled as part of the Azure AD managed services package - meta data clean-up, schema extensions, group policy changes, configuring DNS forwarders, AD delegations etc.

Silicus set-up an auto scavenging task that runs every 21 days to delete stale records from DNS. Cross verification of the same was done on weekly basis with a pre-programmed Excel workbook.

Technologies Used

  • LabTech Monitoring tool
  • Cisco VPN Client
  • Power Shell Scripting
  • RSAT & RDCM from Microsoft

Client Benefits

24x7 Proactive Monitoring

24x7 monitoring from Silicus’ managed service centres combined with LabTech Monitoring tool and Power shell scripting helped keep a check on any discrepancy in the AD set-up. Any issues were identified early and fixed before they could create any adverse impact.

Faster TAT for User Requests

With multiple physical sites across geographies, employees could get in touch with the Silicus’ managed services team any time & get their request addressed.

Standardized & Easily Maintainable Infrastructure

Silicus conducts weekly and monthly preventive maintenance activity for all the servers enlisted under AD plan. This helped keep a tab on new servers being added/removed in any physical site, with corresponding add/remove of these from the AD schema.

Any discrepancy in Organizational Unit (OU) or Group Policy Object (GPO) were brought to the clients notice, and a Microsoft recommended solution was implemented.

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