About the Client

The client is a leading consumer goods company, with a product portfolio spanning personal health and beauty products. The client has several well-known and easily recognizable brands in the hair care, skin care, edible oils, health foods, male grooming and fabric care categories.

Business Challenge

The client’s marketing team wanted to pioneer a new way of staying in front of customers for its hair styling and care range of products. Traditional marketing channels had exhausted their potential, and the client envisioned an innovative marketing campaign that required the use of cutting edge technology around smart phones and Augmented reality / Virtual reality (AR / VR).

The marketing campaign involved creating a mobile application that would capture a picture of a customer, use face detection to suggest the most suited hair care product to use, and leverage AR / VR to allow the customer to visualize how they will look once the product has been used.

The application would be available for download at the Google Playstore, and publicity would be given by setting up kiosks in malls where customers could walk in and check out the hair care products and visualize how their hairstyle changes on using the product.

Silicus Solution

Silicus was approached with the task of converting the marketing plan into action – which involved developing a mobile application, and overlaying the face detection and VR/ AR features on the application to achieve the desired functionality.

Silicus developed and delivered the mobile application along with virtual reality (VR) features, powered by a sophisticated face detection system that recommends the best suited style and hair color. The face detection algorithm was developed by Silicus in-house. The algorithm presented a set of rules and workflows that get called based on selection options made by the users.

Users could take an instant picture using the smartphone or pick an existing one from their smartphone’s image gallery. The hairstyles would be superimposed on this image. The application had the following functionality:

  • Change / superimpose a different hair color on the existing pic
  • Adjust length of hair as per facial dimensions
  • Use templates to define hairstyles for wedding party, interview, office look etc
  • Provide suggestions and try on various looks – blonde, brunette Asian, Caucasian etc

The app had inbuilt intelligence to remember user-preferences to provide better recommendations as users keep interacting with it.

Once a user is done with fine-tuning a hairstyle, he can save a look within the app or on his device for future reference. A step by step guide helps the customer use the hair gel to achieve the desired look he has created and saved in the application.

Technologies Used




Android SDK


Android 4.0+


Android Studio 2.3

Client Benefits

Opened a New Marketing Channel

The client has started distributing the app in its target market via multiple channels with encouraging results in creating market awareness. The client expects this awareness to translate into increased sales numbers.

Extension to Other Product Lines

Successful deployment and use of the hair styling app prompted the customer to launch similar apps for beard and moustache styling as well.

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