About the Client

The client helps farmers reach the next level of production by increasing soil fertility, maximizing input efficiency and increasing overall yields. Their services include agronomic analysis and precision soil sampling.

They also develop underutilized farmland, creating immediate value through the process, with focus on core engineering improvements designed to increase the efficiency of the farm.

Business Challenge

With an emphasis and focus on precision farming, the client uses highly sophisticated equipment to monitor and record data on weather, soil, crop, yield and other parameters. This data was maintained and processed on excel spreadsheets. The client felt a need to develop a web application to maintain and analyze this geospatial data.

Silicus Solution

Silicus will develop an application that will create a 3D model of the field to simulate the layout and operations in a farm, and track input costs and expenses related to farming.

The application will input farmland related data such as soil types, PH rates, pest infestation, nutrient availability, soil moisture content, texture, organic matter, slope, curve etc and provide insights and intelligence for precision farming by incorporating crop characteristics, hybrid responses, fertility requirements, weather predictions etc.

The client’s core IP was incorporated within the business logic in the form of algorithms and rules that drove the reports and intelligence. The reports and insights will help farmers segregate their farmland into management zones and develop customized farming prescriptions for each zone that includes variable-rate seeding instructions, nitrogen/fertilizer application, and irrigation schedules.

The application also provides an accurate yield estimate for farmland. Weather prediction data is obtained via integration with the "Iteris" 3rd party application.

Another 3rd party service provided by DTN was leveraged to pull in intelligence on crop prices, production estimates, profits, latest market quotes and real-time transaction monitoring. This helps the farmers with insights on where they could get the best price for their produce.

Technologies Used

Database: Azure SQL, Azure Cosmos DB

Tools: Visual Studio 2017, SonarQube

Version Control System: TFS, Git

Development:  Angular, ASP.NET Core, Node.js

Client Benefits

  • Silicus developed the application within budgeted cost and timelines, creating a technology platform that helped the client to rapidly scale its business with farmers
  • The analyzed data helps the farmers earn more profits by optimizing the expenditure on input costs

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