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Cloud driven digital transformation


Why Cloud First.

The Digital Transformation Driver

The new digital economy is upon us and enterprises failing to reimagine their business could lose whatever competitive advantage they hold in the market. Technology advances are a major contributor in shaping this new digital economy. Hyper-connectivity, cloud-computing, applied artificial intelligence, immersive technologies, smart products and more are creating a world where virtual and physical, products and services are blending quickly.

Understanding the impact of these market shifts and successfully evolving the enterprise to avoid or exploit disruption means undertaking a digital transformation journey from inflexible platforms, products and processes to a state of permanent agility and flexibility. As a trusted go-to technology partner, we undertake the responsibility of evaluating technology trends that hold the largest potential for improving performance of customer enterprises.

Cloud as the Strategic Enabler

We at Silicus have first-hand experienced the immense impact of cloud-computing on ourselves as well as our customers and believe cloud-computing to be a strategic and foundational enabler for digital transformation. In addition to providing a platform for leveraging new computing capabilities, cloud offers the following characteristics key to transformational success:

  • Reduce idea-to-solution lifecycle time from accelerated devops
  • Lower startup cost and risk of service & product innovation
  • Provides on-demand and rapid resource elasticity for scale
  • Offers smarter and easier budget allocation
  • Enables IT to focus on strategic initiatives
  • Improves productivity with broad network access
  • Offers higher reliability and security at scale

Discover Our Cloud Services

Our Cloud Driven Growth Story

As an early adopter, we started by leveraging the cloud for running our business. With cloud as a strategic enabler we have achieved an impressive growth of 50% for past five successive years. For example:

As a provider of software engineering and digital application services we were able to improve efficiency of devops and reduce time-to-market for our customers, thereby improving customer experience.

We innovated our service offerings to add cloud consulting and managed services. This required us to rapidly and iteratively deploy new operational and customer engagement systems. Leveraging the cloud we were able to develop and deploy these systems in record time.

As a result of increasing the breadth and scope of our services, we were able to deliver a bigger impact on customer organizations, ultimately enabling us to grow at an accelerated pace.

Introducing these new systems in the cloud, helped us deliver services efficiently with scale and speed. It also resulted in improved customer self-service, better response times and interactions with customers, reduced invoice to cash durations, and higher levels of customer engagement and satisfaction.

Our Cloud-driven infrastructure helped us scale quickly to accommodate our growing number of employees and provide flexibility and agility in absorbing M&A driven growth.

Learning from our experiences in leveraging cloud as a strategic enabler, we have transformed our organization to deliver all our service capabilities – software engineering, digital applications, data and analytics services, and infrastructure services to be cloud-first.

Enabling Cloud Adoption for Customers

We are a leading provider of cloud-first technology services with a long list of customers who have benefited from making Silicus part of their cloud adoption journey. We have helped these customers break away from their technical legacy and rigidness, and enabled agility for digital transformation and adoption of modern platforms and ways of working.