14 Jan

Client Win: Mobile Application to Track Real-Time Liquor Inventory in the Hospitality Industry

The customer is a data and analytics company that plans to take liquor inventory control and loss prevention for the Hospitality Industry to a whole new level.

Traditionally, liquor stock taking in restaurants, bars and hotels is a manual exercise, with considerable time spent updating inventory systems with the data. The customer has developed a patented mat (sensing mat) technology that when combined with a tag, can accurately identify a bottle’s brand, location and weight down to a tenth of an ounce.

The customer approached Silicus to develop the application back-end as well as the iOS based native mobile app front end that will be used by restaurant managers. The Customer Data Collection (CDC) Software will run on the IoT gateway device. CDC will read real-time inventory from sensing mat, process the data and push it to a Cloud storage. The mobile application will update data from the Cloud. Mobile app will also provide the ability to scan, add & view inventory and back stock reports, set periodic automatic replenishment (PAR) levels.

The application will be developed leveraging ASP.NET MVC, iOS, SQL Server, and .NET Core.

Once commercially released, this application will make liquor inventory management much easier and will also significantly reduce undocumented liquor loss.

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Kevin VanHaltren
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