22 Jan

Client Win: Hardening Web Applications against Hacking Attacks for large O&G Services company

The client is one of the largest energy infrastructure companies in North America. They specialize in owning and operating oil and gas pipelines and terminals.

The client wanted to protect their existing web applications from hacking attacks after a website penetration test identified 10 different security threats.

The client chose Silicus to analyze the security loopholes and fix it. Silicus will analyze the code and add the missing logic and restructure some of the sort to ensure security threats are mitigated. Silicus will develop and restructure the code to prevent against Cross Site Scripting, Transport Encryption Enforcement, Vertical Privilege Escalation, CSV Excel Macro Injection, Cross-Site Request Forgery, Open Redirection, Simultaneous Sessions Allowed on User Account, Insecure Password Generation and Session Not Invalidated During Logout.

Once completed, the fixes will help ensure the applications are protected and safe from external hacking attacks.

Media Contact
Kevin VanHaltren
(713) 321-2797