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Azure Deployment Services

Azure Deployment & Migration.

We Are Experts.

Using experience drawn from hundreds of Azure deployments, and leveraging proprietary assessment framework, mission-built tools, structured repeatable processes and proven best practices, we help you deploy applications, consolidate and modernize infrastructure, and transform data centers with Microsoft Azure.

Azure Infrastructure Migration

All Bases Covered. End-to-End Azure Deployment & Migration Services.

Silicus offers end-to-end services for a successful cloud adoption journey. We apply capabilities traversing breadth of application, technical and architectural building blocks and practices required for effectively migrating critical workloads to Microsoft Azure.

As full service cloud services experts, we plan your cloud strategy, rapidly assess your current state, build cloud architectures unique to your business needs, develop an effective phased deployment plan, and deliver risk free, cost effective deployments to Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Readiness Assessment
Cloud Readiness Assessment

We apply purpose built tools and assessment frameworks to discover assets, identify opportunities and assess readiness for making intelligent, data-driven decisions for your cloud journey.

  • Asset discovery and current state analysis of compute and network resources, applications & other workloads
  • Resource capacity, usage, and performance analysis; workload dependency and interaction mapping
  • Qualitative evaluation of business, technical, compliance requirements, and hardware & licensing cycles
  • Cloud readiness assessment, feasibility & risk analysis for workload deployment or migration
Cloud Adoption Strategy
Cloud Adoption Strategy

Using architectural guidance framework, proven practices and structured methodologies, we build comprehensive and effective Azure adoption strategies driven by measurable outcomes.

  • Establishment of cloud strategy, migration roadmap, and process and lifecycle guidelines
  • Development of architectural design, app remediation or reengineering decisions and deployment configurations
  • Building a right-sized, prioritized workload migration catalog using deployment assessment framework
  • Defining workload or application move groups and approach based on dependencies, priority, risk & phases
Cost & Financial Analysis
Cost & Financial Analysis

We help you forecast usage, calculate costs, define true total cost of ownership of running compute, apps or other workloads on Azure, compare options, and optimize costs to realize savings.

  • Evaluation of current cost, operational and management models for infrastructure, hosting, or datacenters
  • Forecasting term-based or annual usage, modelling costs and providing procurement & spend advisory
  • Analysis of economic model and total cost of ownership (TCO), return on investment (ROI) & cost benefit
  • Right-sizing of portfolio, and asset rationalization and disposition planning to optimize Azure spend
Azure Deployment Planning
Azure Deployment Planning

We build a foundation to help start a successful cloud program by building phase-based Azure deployment plan with incremental scope, structured processes, project controls, tools and teams

  • Establishing phase-wise project plan and schedule with strong risk mitigation and effective project controls
  • Building migration factory with best practices, guidelines, structured processes, tooling, playbooks and automation
  • Planning for change, governance, operations, support and management
  • Identifying migration use-cases and deploying pilot workloads to test, validate and remediate the plan
Infrastructure & Datacenter Migration
Infrastructure & Datacenter Migration

We rapidly deploy your infrastructure workloads or migrate data centers to Azure with minimal risk or downtime, while assuring high performance, security, compliance and cost control.

  • Provisioning of virtual machines and compute resources, networks, connectivity, virtual appliances and security
  • Configuration of identity and access management, security, storage, backup & disaster recovery
  • Architecting high availability, auto scale, load balancing, traffic management, failover-failback and automation
  • Migration of workloads, containers, applications and data without downtime or loss of availability or fidelity
Application Deployment or Modernization
Application Deployment or Modernization

We develop new cloud-native solutions, migrate existing applications and modernize legacy architectures allowing your information technology to transform into a force for true agility.

  • Development of PaaS-native architectures using cloud services microservices, anti-fragility, containers & APIs
  • Migration of existing apps with deployment strategies like re-hosting, refactoring, re-platforming, or re-architecting
  • Full transformation of legacy applications, incremental modernization, or redesign for extended life.
  • Enabling DevOps & continuous integration/continuous (CI/CD) & containers for high velocity application delivery
Automation and Management
Automation and Management

We enable you to control, manage and sustain your cloud operations with automation, continuous monitoring, simplified management and enterprise-grade security across the portfolio.

  • Building automation to reduce configuration, setup and execution of complex, error-prone or repetitive tasks
  • Deploying 24x7 monitoring, support and management for ongoing sustenance Azure infrastructure and applications
  • Enabling security, auto-resilience, scale, protection and recovery of applications or other workloads
  • Singe console with integrated toolset for Azure lifecycle activities from provisioning, deployment or management
Governance and Optimization
Governance and Optimization

We equip you with complete visibility, holistic governance and cost optimization cost reduction to improve control and efficiency and maximizing your Microsoft Azure investment.

  • Tracking and managing inventory, usage, configurations, versions, changes, permissions, access and audit trail
  • Managing spend with proactive cost efficiency rules, chargebacks, service catalogs, continuous optimization
  • Establishing Azure security, compliance and governance policies, standards, controls and automated workflows
  • Enabling, automating and enforcing self-service business policies and governance definitions & rules
Azure Migration Company

Why Work With Us. Our Track Record.

100+ Microsoft Certified Cloud Experts
100+ Microsoft Certified Cloud Experts

100+ certified experts with proven cloud migration, infrastructure modernization and data center transformation record

200+ Azure Deployments & Migrations
200+ Azure Deployments & Migrations

Top rated, full service Azure provider with 200+ successful Azure deployments & migrations delivered till date

Azure Purchase Options

Azure Purchase Options. Flexible Models That Fit Your Business Needs.

I have a Microsoft Azure Subscription
I have a Microsoft Azure Subscription

Bring your existing Microsoft Azure subscription and leverage consulting and managed services expertise from Silicus

I need help with Azure Assessment &  Planning
I need help with Azure Assessment & Planning

Get Help from Azure Experts