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Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure.

We Are Experts.

Silicus balances cloud’s agility with on-premise hardware’s predictability and helps you build hybrid infrastructure that best meets your business, technical, regulatory and end-user needs. Our services enable your cloud adoption and datacenter modernization initiatives by delivering a desired hybrid state with lowered cost of ownership, increased asset flexibility, better performance and simplified management.

We help you leverage this ideal technology-mix to run workloads or applications with unified networking, security controls, data integration and common management across your hybrid infrastructure environment. Our specialists deliver seamless, flexible and connected infrastructure to make your hybrid architecture successful.

Hybrid Cloud Management

Engineer With Confidence. We Know How To Build Seamless Hybrid Infrastructure.

By applying our application lineage, datacenter consolidation & infrastructure modernization expertise, repeatable processes, and skilled teams, we engineer tailored hybrid solutions to help you realize your vision for business transformation.

Silicus offers comprehensive services for deploying and managing hybrid infrastructure designed with an optimal blend of existing environments, traditional hardware, private, and public cloud services. Our expertise includes:

Hybrid Deployment
Hybrid Deployment

Silicus specializes in transforming datacenters with the power of hybrid cloud. We bring skills, capability and a well-tested, proven, phased approach to plan, implement and optimize hybrid environments. We provide end-to-end cloud expertise to:

  • Assess IT portfolio using proprietary tools and decision framework to identify workloads suitable for cloud
  • Evaluate total cost of ownership (TCO) to demonstrate cost benefit analysis and return on investment (ROI)
  • Design scalable and flexible hybrid deployment architecture and right-size infrastructure footprint
  • Plan for organizational and operational changes required to properly implement hybrid cloud
  • Enable fast and accurate migration in phases with near-zero downtime and least business disruption and risk
  • Optimize the hybrid infrastructure to ensure business, technical, compliance and financial targets are met with
Integrated Network
Integrated Network

We build sophisticated hybrid network topologies with flexible connectivity, integrating distributed environments and helping you run workloads across on-premise & virtual networks. We enable seamless, secure, and reliable hybrid infrastructure by:

  • Establishing secure connectivity and extend your datacenter into cloud with IPSec VPN or a private, low latency connection using Azure ExpressRoute
  • Designing logically isolated, secure and private Virtual Networks to allow greater control over distributed network environment.
  • Implementing leading network virtual appliances like firewalls, load balancers, WAN optimizers, VPN concentrators etc., and defining security policies, traffic flows, communication rules and access control.
  • Applying advanced Azure Networking using concepts like Network Security Groups, Routing, VNet peering etc.
Common Ops & Management
Common Ops & Management

We help you gain visibility and control across your hybrid cloud by enabling simplified operations, common management and security across the portfolio of on-premise, hybrid and cloud-native workloads. We help you to:

  • Build automation to reduce configuration, setup and execution of complex or error-prone repetitive tasks
  • Centralize lifecycle activities from provisioning, deployment or management across hybrid infrastructure
  • Set-up integrated toolset with single-view monitoring and management of hybrid workloads
  • Establish common processes, policies and unified service management across your heterogeneous infrastructure environment
  • Enable portability of workloads and configurations with security, compliance, cost, availability demands
  • Control, protect and recover any platform and workloads hosted on-premise or in the cloud
Hybrid Identity & Access
Hybrid Identity & Access

We build a strong foundation for hybrid infrastructure, secure application access and enterprise mobility. We design a hybrid identity solution that leverages cloud services to integrate with existing on-premises identity system. We help you achieve:

  • Single, common identity system with synchronization between cloud and on-premise environments for authentication and authorization
  • Enhanced access control and management with Role-based access control (RBAC), Single sign-on (SSO), Multi-factor Authentication (MFA).
  • Improved service management across hybrid infrastructure with self-service password reset, access and group management.
  • Secure remote access to on-premise applications through Azure AD Application Proxy
Unified Security
Unified Security

We use a security-first approach to address risks upfront and build security into your cloud strategy, design and architecture. We enable end-to-end protection and minimize threats by delivering secure, compliant hybrid infrastructure through:

  • Consistent network, access, security and compliance policy and standards for hybrid environment
  • Synchronized hybrid identities for unified control, secure application access and enterprise mobility.
  • Multiple layers of network and application security controls throughout hybrid cloud architecture
  • High-availability design to avoid single point of failure, and backup and recovery for business continuity
  • Securing movement of data across environments, at all times: at-rest, in-motion, and in-use
  • Proactively maintaining, and continuously monitoring, detecting and responding to incidents, risks and threats
Hybrid Storage
Hybrid Storage

We deploy flexible, scalable, application-oriented solutions to transform your enterprise storage architecture. We integrate your preferred storage solutions with cloud, while continuing with existing software, policies and processes. We have expertise in:

  • Migration from legacy tape or disk solutions and consolidation to right-sized hybrid storage architecture for performance & capacity-centric application needs.
  • Implementation of automatically tiered, connected, hybrid workloads to support use cases across primary storage, file sharing, backup, archive, integrated data protection, and location-independent disaster recovery.
  • Automate data management across enterprise to reduce storage capex, decrease storage management overheads, increase operational efficiency, and enhance agility to support core business
Azure Hybrid Cloud

Why Work With Us. Our Track Record.

16+ Years of Application & Infrastructure Expertise
16+ Years of Application & Infrastructure Expertise

Track record of delivering enterprise-grade infrastructure, systems and applications

200+ Hybrid & Cloud Deployments
200+ Hybrid & Cloud Deployments

Proven expertise gained from delivering 200+ successful hybrid and cloud deployment & migrations

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Azure Purchase Options. Flexible Models That Fit Your Business Needs.

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I have a Microsoft Azure Subscription

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