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 Azure Analytics

Azure Data & Analytics.

We Are Experts.

Silicus simplifies analysis and management of massive amounts of data from applications, systems, devices, sensors, and other external sources to deliver real-time insights that guides intelligent decisions and provides better customer engagement and experiences. We apply modern data architectures, powered by big data, embedded with data science, machine learning, IoT and automation to unlock insights from your data and allow you to see results in days or weeks, not months or years.

Our data experts implement cloud-native PaaS databases and warehouses, bundled with adaptive DataOps, hyperscale processing, and agile infrastructure to deliver real-time business intelligence, dashboards and visualization, data driven apps, intelligent automation with IoT, and advanced analytics to make recommendation or predict future, behaviors, outcomes or trends.

Azure BI

Engineer With Confidence We Know How To Implement Azure Data & Analytics.

We enable you to become an agile, data driven organization. We identify possibilities of cloud intelligence and analytics or data driven apps for your organization, rapidly develop and test concepts, create new applications or modernize your existing solutions.

We experts support all stages of data delivery lifecycle including strategy, architecture, implementation, sustenance of data operations, development of intelligence & analytics, and integration into enterprise systems or process workflows. We specialize in:

PaaS-native Data Architecture
PaaS-native Data Architecture

We build cloud-native data architectures that take full advantage of cost, scalability, elasticity and performance benefits offered by PaaS Databases on Azure. We deploy highly elastic, agile, always-available PaaS database for your apps. We can help you:

  • Develop cloud-native architectures with PaaS databases for on-demand scale and elasticity, and built-in high availability, load balancing, fault tolerance and security
  • Deploy or migrate SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL or other legacy database to Azure PaaS
  • Database modernization and transformation with migration from on-premise & legacy databases to cloud-native, fully-managed Azure SQL Database
  • Configure SQL Server Stretch Database to migrate cold data transparently and securely to Microsoft Azure
  • Build cloud-native multitenant SaaS apps with Azure SQL Database & Elastic Database Pools for customer isolation, efficiency and high performance with security
  • Deploy or migrate to schema-free, PaaS based NoSQL databases built for fast and predictable performance, high availability, elastic scaling, and ease of development.
Cloud DataOps & Data Warehouse
Cloud DataOps & Data Warehouse

We specialize in modernizing and transforming your business intelligence and analytics with cloud based Data Warehouse and agile, adaptive DataOps. We setup, develop and manage analytics infrastructure by helping you:

  • Design and build Azure SQL Data Warehouse with enterprise class, massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture to run full data warehouse workloads
  • Engineer cloud-native DataOps to run ETL or data loading, data management, processing, quality & governance and other sustenance operations
  • Build integrated queries for both relational databases like SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle or non-relational datastores like HBase, MongoDB, Cassandra
  • Develop business intelligence and distributed analytics to enable interactive reports, data visualizations, custom data-driven applications and IoT & advanced analytics
  • Configure Azure Data Lake as a distributed big-data analytics service for Cortana Analytics or Azure IoT Suite
  • Optimize and automate DataOps for secure, reliable, predictable and scalable performance with cost savings
Cloud Big Data Stores
Cloud Big Data Stores

We leverage cloud and distributed Hadoop architectures to unlock value of data previously bound by volume, velocity or processing capability. We support all stages of big data delivery including strategy, architecture, implementation and sustenance:

  • Develop strategy, roadmap, and solution deployment plan for a practical, ROI-rich big data implementation
  • Build cloud-native solution architecture with big data distribution, data loading & management, integration, governance & security, and ongoing DataOps
  • Installation, configuration, performance tuning of Apache Hadoop clusters on Azure HDInsight or cloud-deployable distributions like Hortonworks, Cloudera, MapR
  • Develop data models, and design data ingestion, data pipeline management, & operational sustenance process
  • Configure Azure Data Factory services to load, process, analyze and transform massive volume and variety of streaming data to enable near real-time big data analytics
  • Configure Azure Data Lake Store as a hyperscale big data store to ingest, query, & analyze with massive throughput
Data-Driven Apps
Data-Driven Apps

We combine big-data, robust data processing systems and advanced analytics to enrich your apps with data. We develop intelligent, self-learning, adaptive data-driven apps that deliver powerful experiences & actionable insights. We are experts in:

  • Designing "small data" approach to convert big data into meaningful personalized data to deliver smart apps that deliver focused and purpose specific end-user insights
  • Building adaptive, self-learning, predictive analytical models with data microservice architecture and ‘pattern matching and resulting data processing’ paradigm
  • Developing contextual mobile or web apps with elegant, responsive interfaces that customize view with accurate, timely, relevant data based on user’s role and objective
  • Engineer DataOps to automatically generate master data, metadata, models, schema, and graphs as the user searches, queries, and collects data
  • Using cloud to implement dataware or data-as-a-service model, integrating large volumes of constantly changing multichannel data, from inside and outside enterprise
Azure Advanced Analytics
Azure Advanced Analytics

We leverage big-data, machine learning and other data sciences to develop predictive and prescriptive analytics. Using Cortana Intelligence Suite we deliver fully-managed advanced analytics to predict future, behaviors, outcomes or trends. Our experts can:

  • Design cloud-native or hybrid architectures for building agile, scalable big-data & advanced analytics solutions
  • Implement cloud services for data management and ingest, transform, prepare data to operate high frequency, low latency, real-time intelligence & analytics
  • Use cloud based machine learning as-a-service to create algorithms and analytical data models using R or Python, and deploy as a ready-to-consume web-service APIs
  • Integrate models into existing data solutions, visualization tools, business processes and applications; or build new data-driven cloud apps and websites
  • Develop analytics for business functions like decision support, anomaly detection, fraud prevention, forecasting production, demand or sales, etc
  • Create industry specific solutions for technology, retail, energy & smart grids, healthcare, life sciences, logistics & distribution, manufacturing, construction industries
Azure IoT Solutions
Azure IoT Solutions

We build IoT solutions that drive operational agility to enable digital transformation. We integrate fragmented ecosystem of your process, software, data & devices and deliver Azure IoT solutions to uncover insights, ideas and opportunities. We can:

  • Connect, monitor, and control billions of IoT assets using secure reliable, bi-directional communication and real-time data ingestion with Azure IoT Hub
  • Build, deploy and consume powerful cloud based machine learning models and predictive analytics for IoT
  • Process real-time data stream in the cloud, perform real-time analytics to gain real-time insights from devices, sensors, infrastructure, and applications
  • Cloud-scale telemetry ingestion to log millions of events with variable load profiles in near real-time, and process & analyze data produced by connected devices and app.
  • Send localized push notifications for fast broadcast to millions of devices on any platform from any backend with low-latency, scaled-out cloud infrastructure
  • Orchestrate, manage, transform, and analyze structured and unstructured data to generate actionable insights
Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Why Work With Us. Our Track Record.

16+ Years of Application & Infrastructure Expertise
16+ Years of Application, Data & Infrastructure Expertise

Track record of delivering cloud-native, enterprise-grade infrastructure, systems, databases and applications

Microsoft Gold Certified for Azure and Datacenter
Microsoft Gold Certified for Azure and Data Analytics

Gold Certified Microsoft Partner for Cloud Platform (Azure), Data Analytics and Application Development Competencies

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