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Silicus simplifies moving and thriving in the cloud by helping you rapidly deploy or migrate your infrastructure workloads for compute, network and storage to Microsoft Azure with minimal risk or downtime, while assuring high performance, security, compliance and cost control.

Leveraging experience drawn from hundreds of successful Azure Infrastructure deployments, our cloud experts powered with mission-built tools, automation frameworks, audited processes, and proven best practices, helps you leverage Microsoft Azure’s true potential.

Hybrid Cloud Management

Engineer With Confidence. We Know How To Build Resilient Azure Infrastructure.

Silicus offers end-to-end services for successful adoption of Azure. We apply capabilities traversing the breadth of technical and architectural building blocks as well as practices required for deploying mission critical workloads on the cloud infrastructure. Our expertise in building Azure infrastructure includes:

Infrastructure Migration
Infrastructure Migration

We specialize in migrating your workloads, applications, and data to Azure infrastructure, quickly and accurately. By leveraging our purpose-built tools and migration framework with proprietary assets & best practices, our Azure-certified professionals help to:

  • Right-size infrastructure footprint and plan end-to-end migration within schedule and at predicable costs
  • Migrate mission critical applications in a phased manner with near-zero downtime and least business disruption, without the loss of functionality, fidelity and performance
  • Move large data-sets securely, minimizing data transfer and cutover times
Cross-Platform for Windows & Linux
Cross-Platform for Windows & Linux

We employ our strong software DNA and cross-platform expertise to deploy solutions across computing platforms on Azure infrastructure. Our expertise includes Linux, Windows Server, SQL, Oracle, and Hadoop. We help you:

  • Design infrastructure for software built on any platform and operating system
  • Deploy using Virtual Machines, PaaS, or Containers
  • Build an elastic architecture with simplified networking and management to support any scale or size
High Availability
High Availability

We combine our application and infrastructure expertise to build and deploy highly resilient Azure infrastructure to run business critical applications and databases. We build solutions that absorb variance in load and quickly failover to new instances by deploying:

  • Redundancy at each layer to avoid single point of failure
  • Fault tolerance with Azure Availability & Scale Sets
  • Load balancing, traffic management, and delivery control for Web applications
  • SQL Server with availability groups or database mirroring
Cloud Network & Connectivity
Cloud Network & Connectivity

We build sophisticated network topologies and extend your on premise datacenter into the cloud by addressing complex connectivity requirements and establishing secure and reliable hybrid environments. We help you:

  • Design and deploy next-generation virtual firewall solutions from leading virtual appliance vendors
  • Design logically isolated, secure, and private Virtual Networks to allow greater control over distributed network environment.
  • MPLS based low-latency, reliable, private connections using ExpressRoute
  • Apply advanced Azure Networking using concepts like Network Security Groups, Routing, VNet peering etc.
Secure Architecture
Secure Architecture

We help you defend critical workloads, data, and assets in the cloud by implementing battle-tested security architecture for your Azure infrastructure and networks. We ensure maximum security and compliance for your most sensitive workloads using:

  • Azure network security best practices like network access controls through subnets or security groups, control routing behavior, forced tunneling etc.
  • Virtual appliances from leading security vendors for antivirus, firewalling, intrusion detection/intrusion prevention or application control
  • Auditable resource access, logging and management
  • Securing data at-rest, in-transit and in-use
Cloud Storage
Cloud Storage

We deploy durable, scalable, application-oriented solutions to transform your enterprise storage architecture. We integrate your preferred storage solutions with cloud, while continuing with existing software, policies, and processes. Our expertise includes:

  • Migration from legacy tape or disk solutions to right-sized cloud storage architecture for performance & capacity-centric application needs.
  • Implementation of cloud storage to support use cases across primary storage, file sharing, backup, archive, integrated data protection, and location-independent disaster recovery.
  • Low latency cloud storage to manage high performance, capacity & flexibility needs for I/O intensive, business critical applications.
Container Deployment
Container Deployment

We help you navigate the cloud ecosystem for containers, plan your strategy, reduce migration complexity and risk to seamlessly deploy and operate container workloads on Azure by:

  • Creating optimized container hosting solution
  • Enabling workload migration without code changes
  • Automating scale, extensibility & orchestration
  • Configuring open source tooling based management
Infrastructure for DevOps
Infrastructure for DevOps

We enable rapid DevOps by helping you create consistent dev-test and production environments through scalable, high-fidelity, on-demand infrastructure on Azure. Our capabilities enable:

  • Rapid provisioning using templates, pre-created images and infrastructure-as-code approach for deployment
  • Integration with existing DevOps toolchain
  • Self-service and automation for minimum waste and maximum control
  • Simplified management and governance
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16+ Years of Application & Infrastructure Expertise
16+ Years of Application & Infrastructure Expertise

Track record of delivering enterprise-grade infrastructure, systems and applications

200+ Azure Deployments & Migrations
200+ Azure Deployments & Migrations

Proven expertise gained from delivering 200+ successful Azure deployment & migrations

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I have a Microsoft Azure Subscription

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