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Windows Azure Backup

Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery.

We Are Experts.

Silicus enables enterprise-class, reliable, and simple cloud based backup and disaster recovery in Microsoft Azure to protect your critical applications from unexpected unavailability. We build resilient cloud infrastructure and maintain high availability by eliminating single points of failure, building redundancy, and planning for potential disaster.

Our experts reuse your existing technologies, apply tested architecture, and proven strategies to implement cloud based custom backup and disaster recovery solutions that meet your risk tolerance, recovery objectives, compliance needs, and budgets. We simplify business continuity with automated failover and rapid orchestrated recovery at predictable costs.

Windows Azure Disaster Recovery

Engineer With Confidence We Know How To Implement Azure Backup & Disaster Recovery.

Silicus enables true IT resilience by helping you consistently deliver seamless system availability using Microsoft Azure for secure, automated, and easy to operate backup and disaster recovery across your datacenter and cloud investments.

Our experts help you plan a strategy, develop architecture unique to your business needs, and implement a robust Azure backup and disaster recovery solution without the expense of secondary sites or administrative overheads. Our backup and disaster recovery expertise includes:

Backup & Replication in Azure
Backup & Replication in Azure

We help you implement Azure based backup & replication solutions to store and protect enterprise data securely in the cloud. Our experts solve all your cloud data protection or backup management needs and challenges by:

  • Enabling cloud backup & replication for continuous protection to minimize risk of data loss
  • Configuring appropriate replication type / process based on data size, rate of change, bandwidth, and objectives
  • Deploying integrated storage and backup solutions to protect data across on-premises and cloud environments
  • Enabling Integration with storage, backup and management software, and hardware from industry leaders
  • Facilitating faster data restoration during a partial or full disaster to accelerate overall recovery objectives
  • Supporting migration of any data-tiers including primary, secondary or cold to durable, geo-redundant, highly available, and scalable cloud storage that helps improve security, reduce downtime, and accelerate recovery
Azure Disaster Recovery (DR) Implementation
Azure Disaster Recovery (DR) Implementation

We leverage the power of Microsoft Azure and engineer full-stack disaster recovery (DR) solutions in the cloud. Using deep application expertise and experience drawn from implementing Azure based resilient systems for 200+ customers, we deliver:

  • End-to-end DR strategy planning, developing recovery playbooks, configuring failover and failback, recovery testing and on-going management
  • Active/active or active/standby recovery configurations including cold-standby, warm-standby or hot-standby environments
  • Custom Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) based disaster recovery
  • Adherence to compliance guidelines, policies and procedures like firewalling, encryption, key management during failover and failback
  • Integration or reuse of existing storage and data protection solutions into your Azure DR Implementation
Customized Recovery Planning
Customized Recovery Planning

Our experienced specialists work with you to customize a disaster recovery plan specifically tailored to meet your risk tolerance, recovery objectives, compliance needs, and budgets. With Silicus in charge of your Azure DR planning, you get:

  • Business-specific customizable recovery plans based on resiliency configurations, system criticality, and risk tolerance
  • Recovery Playbooks to outline processes, Runbook elements, recovery objectives, key authorizations, system and network configurations, and detailed failover/failback instructions
  • Planned test failovers to support disaster recovery drills without affecting production environment to ensure plan survivability, solution reliability, downtime prevention, and failback
  • Schedule of routine maintenance and management tasks to ensure solution reliability
Information Protection
Automated Disaster Recovery

We apply automation to simplify recovery by eliminating risks and complexity of DR execution, and help reduce the costs of operating your cloud based disaster recovery environment. Using a flexible, test-validation focused approach, we deliver:

  • Continuous monitoring and management to maintain configuration integrity, perform preventive remediation, and ensure successful failover in case of an outage
  • Managed backup and replication of databases, virtual machines, storage and configurations
  • Customized recovery automation playbooks using Site Recovery, Azure Automation, and Windows PowerShell scripts
  • Rapid, automated and orchestrated failover and recovery of services using Azure Site Recovery (ASR)
  • Elastic and scalable Azure DR environments to support active/active or active/standby recovery configurations
High Availability Architecture
High Availability Architecture

We combine our application and infrastructure expertise to build and deploy highly resilient Azure infrastructure for running business critical applications and databases. We build solutions that absorb variance in load and quickly failover to new instances by deploying:

  • High-availability with built-in failover for business critical environments, periodical test, and validation
  • Redundancy at each layer to avoid single point of failure
  • Fault tolerance with Azure Virtual Machine Availability & Scale Sets
  • Load balancing, traffic management, and delivery control for high-traffic web applications
  • SQL Server with availability groups or database mirroring
  • Considerations for server, zone, region, or cloud failure
Integration with Major Storage & DR Solutions
Integration with Major Storage & DR Solutions

We limit change or reinvention, and improve efficiency and time to solution by employing leading 3rd party solutions or reusing existing investments with storage vendors, automation tools, service management suites, and monitoring solutions.

  • Deep, strategic relationships with major management, storage, data protection, and disaster recovery vendors within the Microsoft Azure ecosystem
  • Advisory framework to define comprehensive solutions matrix and architecture mix tailored for operating disaster recovery across your datacenter and cloud environments
  • Extending Azure’s capabilities with 3rd party appliances, tools, or software to build comprehensive solutions
  • Ability to reuse and integrate existing tools, solutions processes, and practices
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Why Work With Us. Our Track Record.

16+ Years of Application & Infrastructure Expertise
16+ Years of Application & Infrastructure Expertise

Track record of delivering enterprise-grade infrastructure, systems, and applications with fully managed business continuity and disaster recovery services

Microsoft Gold Certified for Azure and Datacenter
Microsoft Gold Certified for Azure and Datacenter

Gold Certified Microsoft Partner for Cloud Platform (Azure) and Datacenter Competencies.

Azure Purchase Options

Azure Purchase Options. Flexible Models That Fit Your Business Needs.

I have a Microsoft Azure Subscription
I have a Microsoft Azure Subscription

Bring your existing Microsoft Azure subscription and leverage consulting and managed services expertise from Silicus

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