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Azure Application Development

Azure Apps.

We Are Experts.

Silicus drives your digital transformation by building cloud apps, modernizing your legacy applications, enabling as-a-service models and developing disruptive IoT and mobile solutions. We help you innovate at scale with modern cloud-native architectures, built with high agility, self-service cloud infrastructure, and delivered at velocity using devops, continuous delivery & automation.

We specialize in next generation apps using twelve factor principles, microservices architectures, anti-fragility designs, APIs and container technology. We take full advantage of cost, scalability, elasticity and performance benefits offered by the cloud to develop robust, scalable apps which are easier to iterate or change, and perform with low latency under high and variable degrees of load.

Azure Development Services

Engineer With Confidence. We Know How To Develop Azure Apps.

Silicus enables you to exploit the full value of Microsoft Azure by migrating legacy applications, modernizing existing architectures and creating new cloud-native solutions, allowing your information technology to transform into a force for true agility.

Our experts can help you implementing devops and continuous delivery for designing, migrating, developing and operating highly agile cloud applications which drive real business value and competitive advantage. We are experts in:

Cloud Native Apps
Cloud Native Apps

We build cloud-native architectures that take full advantage of cost, scalability, elasticity and performance benefits offered by Cloud. We use Azure IaaS & PaaS to develop highly agile, intelligent, always-available applications at speed. We deliver:

  • Twelve-factor Apps for Windows & Linux platforms, using favorite language: .NET, NodeJS, PHP, Python, or Java
  • Cloud-native architectures using cloud services microservices, anti-fragility, containers and APIs
  • Self-service, on demand, agile infrastructure deployments for rapid, repeatable, consistent provisioning of app environments and backing services
  • High resiliency system designs with built-in security, automation, load balancing & fault tolerance
  • Elasticity and scale on-demand without requiring changes to architecture, tooling, or development practices.
  • DevOps with continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) model for rapid design, development or changes
App Modernization & Migration
App Modernization & Migration

We specialize in modernizing your legacy applications using both, a well-planned “lift and shift” cloud migration approach for immediate pay-off, or redevelopment with cloud architectures for enabling strategic transformation. Our experts can help with:

  • Identifying suitable candidates, building and prioritizing application modernization/migration catalogue and plan using Cloud Migration Assessment Framework
  • Cloud migration with architectural strategies: re-hosting (on IaaS), refactoring (using PaaS), re-platforming (with IaaS or PaaS or Hybrid), or re-architecting (with PaaS)
  • Application modernization with cloud based full transformation, incremental or component by component modernization, or legacy redesign for extended life.
  • Rapid transformation of ISV with migration to cloud-powered multitenant, as-a-Service (SaaS) models
  • Instant migration from legacy ASP to SaaS-like state with application virtualization & cloud hosted delivery
Microservices Architecture
Microservices Architecture

We design cloud-based microservices application architectures to enable speed, agility, safety, and massive scale. We specialize in building resilient, self-healing, highly manageable and easy to change microservices apps with right-sized cloud footprint using:

  • Flexible cloud-native microservices architectures to drive technology optimization using agile, self-service cloud infrastructure, DevOps for rapid lifecycles, Azure Service Fabric for ease of deploying, scaling, changing services
  • Serverless architecture with Azure Functions to heavy lift building of highly available, scalable, end-to-end microservices and nanoservices
  • Azure API Management Platform to establish secure API Gateways for existing backend services and custom APIs for client‑to‑service communication
  • Data sovereignty and event-driven, eventually consistent approach to data management across microservices by automatically updating state, publishing, exchanging events
  • Automated service distribution and resource balancing for operating and scaling hyper-scale stateful, stateless or reliable actor microservices.
Application Containers
Application Containers

We help you navigate the cloud ecosystem for containers, plan your strategy, reduce complexity, and accelerate the process to successfully build, ship and run cloud applications as deployable containers. We deploy consistent, secure, scalable solutions by:

  • Enabling DevOps & continuous integration/continuous (CI/CD) enabling high velocity application delivery by standardizing environments as containers and removing conflicts between language stacks, platforms or versions
  • Configuration of scaling, orchestrating and management of application container infrastructure using leading tools like Docker, Mesos, or Kubernetes
  • Building container-native application architectures to support rapid releases, dynamic changes, and scaling services with developer-defined infrastructure.
  • Containerizing applications & dependencies as lightweight, secure, portable, self-sufficient and cloud deployable packages
  • Developing containerized cloud analytics by providing a data server, and powerful set of data access, analysis, graphical tools in easy to execute containerized package
Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps

We leverage cloud platforms to develop engaging mobile apps and powerful mobile backends that work across major device platforms, scale to hundreds of millions of users and reach global audiences. Using full breadth of cloud platform & services we:

  • Build robust, secure, and engaging native mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows with responsive designs
  • Integrate your identity and sign-on systems with mobile app, and easily add features like on-premise integration, offline data sync, push notifications and analytics
  • Develop resilient, scalable, self-healing mobile backends on cloud using .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js or Python
  • Rapidly build new APIs in cloud, integrate existing APIs, generate SDKs and use for your mobile solutions
  • Automate mobile app testing, run it on thousands of real devices in the cloud, and analyze detailed insights
  • Store app assets like user data, media in cloud; download and cache media in your mobile app; use CDN for low latency, high speed content distribution to global users
  • Deploy cloud based mobile user engagement platform to enable app usage analytics, real-time user segmentation, contextually-aware push notifications, in-app messaging.
IoT Solutions
IoT Solutions

We build IoT solutions that drive operational agility to enable digital transformation. We integrate fragmented ecosystem of your process, software, data & devices, to deliver IoT solutions that uncover insights, ideas and business opportunities. We can:

  • Connect, monitor, and control billions of IoT assets using secure reliable, bi-directional communication and real-time data ingestion
  • Build, deploy and consume powerful cloud based machine learning models and predictive analytics for IoT
  • Process real-time data stream in the cloud, perform real-time analytics to gain real-time insights from devices, sensors, infrastructure, and applications.
  • Cloud-scale telemetry ingestion to log millions of events with variable load profiles in near real-time, and process & analyze data produced by connected devices and app.
  • Send localized push notifications for fast broadcast to millions of devices on any platform from any backend with low-latency, scaled-out cloud infrastructure
  • Orchestrate manage, transform, and analyze structured and unstructured data to generate actionable insights
Management & Automation
Management & Automation

We help you gain visibility and control across your cloud infrastructure by enabling simplified operations, management, automation, and security across the portfolio of cloud workloads including infrastructure, services and apps. We help you with:

  • Configuring cloud service for application performance management to detect, triage, and diagnose issues in your cloud web apps and services
  • Single-view continuous monitoring of cloud services and apps to collect and analyze usage, performance, logs, alerts or incidents and automatically react to changes.
  • Building automation to reduce configuration, setup and execution of complex, error-prone or repetitive application configuration and management tasks
  • Deploying DevOps model for rapid development lifecycle using agile, self-service infrastructure automation with tools like Chef, Puppet, or PowerShell
  • Container management for scaling, orchestrating, automation, and management of application containers with tools like Docker, Mesos or Kubernetes
  • Centralized security for increased visibility and control of cloud resources and applications to help prevent, detect, and respond to threats.
DevOps & Continuous Delivery
DevOps & Continuous Delivery

We help you innovate at scale, build and deliver quality cloud applications at high velocity by using DevOps & Continuous Delivery models with scalable, high-fidelity, on-demand, agile infrastructure and services on Azure. We can help implement:

  • DevOps with continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) model for rapid application design, development deployment and changes across the lifecycle
  • Test automation and lifecycle integrated Continuous Testing (CT) for high quality cloud applications
  • Self-service, agile cloud infrastructure with automation built for treating infrastructure as code, with pre-created, templated, incrementally versioned, repeatable environments to run and manage cloud apps.
  • Automated code deployment cycles to reduce manual effort, streamline testing, reduce time-to-market, foster experimentation, and deliver better applications.
  • Cloud-native configuration management to operate applications, install packages & software configurations, and resources like storage, virtual machines etc.
  • Continuous Monitoring, built-in preventive and auto-remediation, and self-healing fault tolerant cloud environments with auto scaling
Azure Development Company

Why Work With Us. Our Track Record.

16+ Years of Application & Infrastructure Expertise
16+ Years of Application & Infrastructure Expertise

Track record of delivering cloud-native, enterprise-grade infrastructure, systems and applications

Microsoft Gold Certified for Azure and App Development
Microsoft Gold Certified for Azure and App Development

Gold Certified Microsoft Partner for Cloud Platform (Azure), Data Analytics and Application Development Competencies

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